Projects > Technical Support for the Execution of the Thermalism Strategic Plan for the Ourense Council (PET.OU)

Field of Action: Ourense Council

Customer: Ourense Council

Subject: Touristic Planning


The target of the performed work was an action proposal planned, organised, and prioritised for the development of the capital city of Ourense, from a thermalism point of view. It is based on a huge amount of natural resources available in this city, that turned it into the thermal capital of Spain, on cultural resources to be discovered and valorised, and on economic and intellectual potential. It dealt with the concept of Ourense from a thermal point of view, in a broad sense, and about the socioeconomic development possibilities that could be generated in relation with the city thermal resources, entailing all industries involved in the process. This plan outlines the proposal for different areas of the city and its municipal area, it estimates the needed investment, and suggests management proposals for action, population and local agents engagement, and new generations’ inclusion. It also includes promotion and diffusion actions, as well as those related to international management. This plan was unanimously approved by the Municipal Board.

Collaborators: Pedro Araujo, Agustín Martín Hermida, Rosa Meijide and Lourdes Mourelle.

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