Projects > Evaluation and diagnosis of the current state of the English Way

Evaluation and diagnosis of the current state of the English Way

Field of action: English Way of Saint James

Customer: Provincial Government of A Coruña

Subject: Consultancy. Way of Saint James


The English Way has experimented changes in its delimitation and management during the last years. For that reason, the Provincial Government of A Coruña has promoted the work "Evaluation and Diagnosis of the current state of the English Way". The project was developed by Crecente Asociados between October 2018 and January 2019.

As starting point we counted with the previous project "Improvement Actions for the English Way", fostered by the Provincial Government of A Coruña and the Agency Tourism of Galicia in 2014 and also developed by Crecente Asociados.

As a result of the new project, we updated the Report on the Current State prepared in 2014. For that purpose, we explored again the two alternatives of this route to Santiago (from Ferrol and from A Coruña). During our field work, we checked the status of the problems and opportunities detected on that occasion and, at the same time, we added some new ones.

Furthermore, we made interviews to the different public and private actors and we organised a specific participatory session, to which all the entities that participated in the roundtables held in 2014 were invited. The final purpose was to collect the perceptions of people who are daily working and living in the Way.

According to the results of these tasks, we defined a set of action proposals. Among them, especially remarkable are the oriented to solve the most urgent problems of the English Way from the point of view of its physical characteristics (dangerous crossings and population centres) as well as the proposals focused on strengthen the factors that single out the route, like the maritime connections.

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