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Exhibition "Agua Doce"

The Museo Centro Gaiás of the Cidade da Cultura (or City of Culture) will hold from 21st March the exhibition "Agua Doce" (Sweet Water), which pays tribute to the close relationship between Galicia and its waters. With pieces of different natures distributed throughout the four plants of the museum, visitors are invited to take a tour around art, industry, science and technology based on water resources.

Crecente Asociados contributes to this initiative by lending 17 pieces. Lent material includes water bottles of early 20th century produced at the main packaging plants of Galicia, a box of A Toxa soaps and books and other historic documents about Thermal Tourism.

Moreover, the exhibition catalogue includes the text "Paisaxes de auge: Doce paisaxes doces" (Water Landscaping: Twelve Sweet Landscapes) by Mario Crecente, which presents a reflection on the role of water in the landscape development of Galicia, a world reference regarding water landscaping.

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