News > Meeting San Martiño de Foz (Spain) - Veszprém (Hungary). Following the footsteps of Saint Martin

Meeting San Martiño de Foz (Spain) - Veszprém (Hungary). Following the footsteps of Saint Martin

On March 20th, coinciding with the Saint Martin festivity, the “Meeting San Martiño of Foz (Spain) – Veszprém (Hungary)” was held. It was promoted by Xunta de Galicia, the Diocese of Mondoñedo- Ferrol, and the Council of Foz and organized by Crecente Asociados.

The Cathedrals of Veszprém and San Martiño of Mondoñedo (Foz), share the fact of being the first cathedrals in their respective countries and being located in a Finisterrae. The town of Veszprém also connects us with the origins of Saint Martin of Braga, a figure related to the expansion of the monasteries in Galicia and the founder of the Bishop of Dumio, of which the Bishop of Mondoñedo picks up his testimony.

The event took place in the Basilica de San Martiño of Mondoñedo, and it was inaugurated by representatives of the three promoting institutions. Then the director of the Archdiocesan Archive of Veszprém, Balázs Karlinszky; the director of Tourist Office, Beáta Bérczi; and the marketing director of the Tourist Office, Szilvia Görbicz, made a presentation of the city from the point of view of sacredness, culture and tourism. To close the act, the historian, Anselmo López Carreira, talked about the biography of San Martiño of Dumio and his mark on the history of Galicia.

We share images and videos of the meeting and the visit to the three cathedrals (As Catedrais Beach, Cathedral of Mondoñedo and Cathedral of San Martiño) made by the students of University School of Tourism and Tourism Master of A Coruña.

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