Projects > Touristic Product Dynamisation Plan "Terra de Celanova"

Field of Action: Mancomunidad de Terra de Celanova. Ourense

Customer: Mancomunidad Terra de Celanova

Subject: Touristic Planning


The project addresses the development of a Touristic Product Dynamisation Plan for the Mancomunidad de Terra de Celanova. The target of our analysis is a specific territory, beyond an administrative delimitation. A broad and thorough look at this lead us to study in depth its values as a complex, its potentialities, its relationship with the setting and its role in tourism for this Galician province, proposing actions in different areas and municipalities based on its peculiarity, that we summarised in the motto "histories of history" and that explores its historical and literary potentialities.

From this analysis, besides the proposal of the TOURISTIC PRODUCT DYNAMISATION PLAN FOR THE MANCOMUNIDAD DE TERRA DE CELANOVA, a more complex and bigger scale proposal was obtained in relation to a TRANSNATIONAL TOURISTIC ROUTE about San Rosendo, a CULTURAL PROJECT for the year 2007 in the Galician Community related to this figure and his era.

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