Projects > Restoring and Expansion of the Balneario de Grávalos

Field of Action: Grávalos. La Rioja.

Customer: Government of La Rioja.

Subject: Project. Restoration. Expansion.


The project goes back to the idea of refurbishing the territory and the surroundings of the spa as a prospect of revitalisation for Villa de Grávalos and the creation of a quality touristic, sanitary and entertainment equipment. It keeps the intention of renovating the 1840 original construction, that gains prominence and relevance as the complex access gate and that assembles two blocks of rooms and spa. The poplar grove is freed and recovered, being extended thanks to the new spa pavilion aligned to the existing building. This solution is intended to maximise the public space available inside the property, to reinforce its role as a filter with a road and a balcony facing the plantations, and to connect the promenade with the trails the council is constructing.

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