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The Thermal Atlas of Europe

The last General Assembly of the European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) was held on April 14th in Karlovy Vary. In this event Mario Crecente presented the pilot project of The Thermal Atlas of Europe, on its first draft. This idea began at the first meeting of the European thermal towns, when it was recognised that there is a pressing need to collate and manage the wide range of data relating to the resources and values of the spa towns.

As we understand, thermal heritage comprises of natural, cultural and intangible aspects and whose added value lies in combination of these three components all contained within cultural and therapeutic landscape settings of unique character.

Nevertheless there is no coordinated European resource which illustrates this phenomenon. This is why we consider that there is a vital need for a European thermal database. The Thermal Atlas of Europe will contain all known data on the quantity, quality and value of its thermal heritage and to find out which future opportunities are presented by this thermal heritage to many different sectors.  

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