Field of Action: OURENSE

Customer: Provincial Deputation of Ourense - Galician Tourism Agency

Subject: Planning. Thermalism.


Last 4th February 2014, the study "Ourense ProvinciaTermal" (Ourense, Thermal Province), made by CrecenteAsociados following the commission of the Galician Tourism Agency, in collaboration with the Ourense Provincial Deputation, was presented in the Ourense theatre.

The document is structured in three volumes: the first one is the Diagnosis, the second sets out the Master Plan, which includes 93 proposals in five strategic lines, and the third volume includes the Annexes, which gather sectorial reports, inventories, references and programmes.

The main target of the study is the valuation of the huge amount of thermal resources of this province, with more than 57 focuses and seven million litres of thermal water a day, which turn thermalism into a possible resource for tourism and socioeconomic development.

It is based on an in-depth analysis of the industry and on a detailed inventory of spa heritage, and includes qualified thermal agents from Ourense and existing touristic products, in order to make a diagnosis of its current state.

It evaluates the thermal scene on national, European and world scales, it conducts qualified interviews to more than 50 people related to the thermal field in the province, in individual sessions or sectorial groups: spa and bottled water or with thermal innovators.

The study analyses main competitor products and destinies in Spain and Portugal, and probes the sector through sectorial meetings and fairs, in Spain and in Europe, and through the organisations that assemble the sector: AGPB, ANBAL and ESPA.

Based on all mentioned projects and as a result of all this multidisciplinary work and the participation of different agents, a conclusion was presented. It included an analysis of cold points, thermal version of weaknesses and threats, and hot points, representing the strengths and opportunities, based on which the following strategic lines were defined:

  1. Law, planning and integrated management that cover all agents and plans the public-private cooperation.
  2. Improvement, diversification and creation of thermal infrastructures that characterise the destination, adapting them to its setting and considering its accessibility.
  3. Design and integration of thermal-based touristic products focused on different demand segments and on new ones, such as corporative or senior.
  4. Culture, innovation, investigation, and development of thermalism.
  5. Brand, image, commercialisation, and participation in networks.

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