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Preliminary plan for the Gran Hotel Balneario Auria

Commissioned by the Provincial Deputation of Ourense, Crecente Asociados developed the preliminary project to study the possibilities of transforming the Provincial Palace into the great thermal establishment of the province: the Gran Hotel Balneario Auria. The idea promoted by Xeración Nós is thus recovered, proposing a space that becomes the great hall of the city.

The Provincial Palace was conceived as a spinning factory and today hosts the headquarters of the Provincial Deputation of Ourense. The use of the building has changed over time to respond to the needs of each moment. The project develops the possibility of transforming the current edifice into a spa hotel, taking advantage of its cloistered structure. The result is a 5-star hotel establishment, with different distribution options, ranging from 52 to 71 rooms. Its facilities are complemented by 1.400 square meters of spa and 1,086 m2 of restaurant and foodservice.

The preliminary project was presented in the southern courtyard of the Provincial Palace, where the thermal water survey is located, on November 10. We share the images of the event and the preliminary project, as well as the video that recreates the proposal, prepared by Marcos Reguera.

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